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Remote Support

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What happens when I request Remote or Phone Support?

How do I use the Remote Support software?

Click the download button above to download and install the Remote Support software. Once downloaded, run the file and you will be presented with a 9-digit support code – please give this to your support engineer.

How do you charge for Remote or Phone Support?

All remote and phone support is charged in 15-minute increments. If you are a new customer, please call us first. By proceeding with a Remote Support or Phone Support session, you agree to pay for our fees at the agreed standard hourly rate.

What access am I giving you by downloading and running the Remote Support software?

By running the Remote Support software, you are allowing us full access to your computer to assist you. Once you close the support software, we no longer have access to your computer. The generated code changes every time you run the support software.

What is required for Remote Support to work?

At a minimum, the Remote Support software and an active Internet connection is required for us to provide any assistance. Phone Support is provided if you are unable to install the software or if you do not have Internet access, otherwise a site visit is required.

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